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My Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma Story
Or, This Is How I'm Going To Beat Cancer
June 22, 2009 
22nd-Jun-2009 07:23 pm
When I got to the hospital this morning, I learned that Ben tested positive for yeast infection twice in the port in his chest.  Therefore, it must be removed in surgery.  He cannot have the surgery until his platlets reach 50K; he will be given platlets tonight and in the morning.  Once they reach 50, the IV team will come to the room to put in a "pic" line in his arm.  Then the surgeon, Dr. Smith will be contacted to say that Ben is ready for the surgery.  It has to be done in a regular surgical operating room.  The surgery is tentatively set for tomorrow afternoon.
Currently, his oxygen machine is set at 60 percent and he is doing well.  His white count was 1.3 today and no temperature.  Dr. Fay says the antiviral, Gangciclovir can be toxic and may be responsible for the decrease in his white count.  He has moved it to every other day.  He is still receiving antifungals, steriods, heavy sedation, etc.  
Please pray for the procedure to go well tomorrow.  I will update everyone when I know more.  Oh, the ups and downs...
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