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My Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma Story
Or, This Is How I'm Going To Beat Cancer
June 24, 2009 
24th-Jun-2009 06:03 am
Yesterday was, let's just say a day I was glad to see be over!  Once I got to the hospital, the nurse informed me that the lab had assumed Ben's infected blood culture was taken from the port in his chest.  However, there was a mixup and the nurse said that she had taken those blood draws from Ben's ART line which gives them the constant, more accurate reading of his blood pressure.  Here's the part that drove me nuts:  the nurse explained that Dr. Fay wanted to wait and let the surgeon, Dr. Smith decide what to do from this point.  What?  "What is there to decide?" I asked.  "Well, whether or not they will continue with the removal of the port surgery or what."  I went around and around with the new-to-us nurse trying to understand why we would wait for the surgeon to cancel the surgery and tell a nurse to take out the infected line and put in a new one.  And, why they would consider doing an surgery he didn't need.  At 3pm, when the surgeon called, sure enough he said that very thing.  A resident came in and could not get the new ART line in after that; then she sent her "upper" to do it.  When I last spoke to the nurse at 9pm, the new line was in and the infected one had NOT been take out yet.  So, because of all this, the yeast infected line sat in his arm another day. 
His white count is at 1.0.  During the ART line procedure last night, his blood pressure dropped in the 80's,  Dr. Fay told the nurse to stop his diruetic because his body was getting too dry.  Then his blood pressure was 100/60 last night at 9pm.  He is on 75% oxygen and staying well saturated (95) at that rate.  By now, after 2wks, they would like to have him at 50%.  The effects of long term high oxygen mean that his lungs can become stiff and require 100% oxygen constantly.  Then they would not inflate and deflate as needed.
Anyways, that's what I know for now. 
Please keep praying for Ben.  Seems like we go up and down daily; thank God for my mom and pastor's encouragement.  Yesterday, they helped to keep me sane-ish!  :)

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