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My Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma Story
Or, This Is How I'm Going To Beat Cancer
June 17, 2009 
17th-Jun-2009 04:27 pm

This morning, the pulmonologist found a pocket of air that had escaped Ben's lung and was putting pressure on Ben's lung.   Therefore, it could not expand completely and would be painful.  He did a procedure where he put a chest tube between Ben's ribs down into the air pocket to let the air escape.  This tube will stay in place until Ben is off the respirator; since he had some distress, he was moved back up to 100% oxygen on the machine.  So, the progress that was made yesterday to 80% has be to started all over tomorrow.  Ben is doing much better with this tube in; his blood pressure and heart rate are stable whereas the morning they did not look good.  So, Dr. Fay said this is another step back, but it has been fixed.   When he comes off the respirator, the hole with autmatically close up.   Also, Ben was getting a little bit more awake, squeezed hands when asked, etc.  However, they want him to be completely, deeply sedated now and they have also started him on a paralyzing medicine for his body.  They do not want him to move and cause the other lung to pop a hole, too.  The white count is good and he continues to need blood products daily. 

As my mom reminded me, Scarlett always says, "Tomorrow is another day". 


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