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My Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma Story
Or, This Is How I'm Going To Beat Cancer
22nd hospital stay in session 
14th-Jun-2009 10:47 am
Well, this is Ben's wife writing ,so you know it won't be nearly as witty as his usual posting.  However, I did want to update everyone. 

The good news: 
Ben had a PET/CT scan last week and it showed him to be cancer-free!

The bad news: 
Ben is in ICU at Baylor Dallas for viral pneumonia.  He also has several other infections such as Citomegavirus, C-difficile, and staph infection in his blood.  His white count is in the normal range now (4-11); when he was admitted, it was 0.3.  He was put on the ventilator this Tuesday and is completely sedated to conserve all his oxygen for his lungs to heal.  His chest xray this morning looked worse according to the pulmonologist; it has more infiltrates.  They tried to wean him down to 90% oxygen the past two days, however his blood pressure went to 206/112 and his heart rate dropped, so they had to raise it back to 100%.  It can be dangerous to be on 100% for a long period of time and he cannot get off the ventilator until he requires around 60%.  His blood oxygen saturation level continues to be low- 62 as of this morning.   He requires blood products most days.  This type of pneumonia is very stubborn and should respond to treatment within two weeks; Ben has not made the progress they would like to see right now.  So, he will have to keep fighting. 

The rest of the news:
Please pray for God to heal Ben and also pray for his recovery.  This will be a long haul; for every day in ICU, they estimate 3 days on the non-ICU side of the hospital once he is off sedation.  We appreciate all your prayers and thank God for our family, church family and friends each day.  Our church has taken wonderful care of the kids and us; we feel God's loving arms surrounding us through their continued daily support with hugs, meals, transportation, prayer, babysitting, encouragement, etc.   My mother has jumped each and every time I haved called her, so I could rush to Ben's side; her unconditional love is evident for us in everything she does.  Ben's mother is down here now holding Ben's hand; may Ben feel her deep love and may it be a huge source of comfort for him.  I just want him to be able to come off that ventilator and sedation, so he can smile at me and say, "Hey, Baby"; I miss my love as I know you all do, too.  Thank you all for your consistent prayers and love.
May God bless you as He has blessed us,
15th-Jun-2009 03:21 am (UTC)
Ashli, Ben... you and your family are deepest in my thoughts and prayers.
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